Insurance Since 1957

Morley A. Quatroche, Sr. & Jr.

You can trust that the words I have spoken are the words I will live by. Such was the meaning of a handshake from Morley A Quatroche, Sr. back in 1957 when he began doing business with the people of Southampton.

Now although a new name for the business may herald the full complement of property services available under the Morley banner, it's an old way of doing business that has supplied the continual growth.

The Morley Insurance Division is a perfect example. Knowledgeable agents, many on the job an average of ten years, work to find you the right coverage at the best price. Should something go wrong, they're there for you, period. Trust and service, it works every time.

So whether your needs are residential or commercial insurance, buying, selling or renting real estate, residential or commercial property management, you'll find that a handshake in the year 2008 carries the same weight as a handshake from 1957- if it comes from a representative of The Morley Group.

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